Our Timeline

Our interim governing team has formed an anticipated timeline of milestones for our Rotary Fellowship, based on the initial founding vision and goals. This timeline is subject to change as we form our elected governing body, and as we conduct business meetings with our members.


June 2021
• RI Virtual Convention House of Friendship Booth
• Live Virtual Event on Rotary Fellowship LEAD’s Founding Vision

July 2021
• Launch of Facebook Page
• Launch of Internal Discord Community

August & September 2021
• 1st Business Meeting (Virtual)

Further Out

Early 2022
• Launch of online leadership education courses

Mid 2022

• Leadership Fellows Event
• 1st Annual Global Leadership Retreat

Watch the recording of our RI Convention 2021 Live Event

Listen to the founding team’s vision and ideas from the June 13, 2021, Zoom Session recording below.